Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools 12.8

Records, creates music, and mixes audio files

Produce music and export it in high-quality for deployment in record labels or movies. The suite supports 3rd party plug-ins, virtual instruments, effects, beats making, BPM matching, audio analysis and simulation, MIDI keyboards and many more. Uses cloud technology to upload and download tracks.

Avid Pro Tools is a set of software instruments for professional-level audio recording, editing and mixing. It's specifically designed to render high-quality complex tracks to create musical compositions.

The interface might seem too complicated, but with a bit of practice anyone dealing with music recording will see its intuitive design and easy access to menus and features. You can access any audio files for the main track and effect and edit them in a rather simple, yet complex, editor. You can cut and merge, add freezes, reverberation, fades, etc. The editor has a very extensive set of options allowing you to tailor a particular track to your liking. You can them mix the audio to make it sound more professional and complete. There is a recording tool as well, allowing you to create the track you'll be working with.

Avid Pro Tools has many useful features such as cloud support for quick access and file-sharing, advanced sound clip positioning, batch fading, etc. It's regularly updated and kept up to date with plugins and new versions, both in terms of efficiency and stability.

James Lynch
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  • Easy and fast rendering
  • Great set of tools


  • Expensive
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